(date TBD) Ecology Action Center now participating in Equipment Loan Program

The Ecology Action Center in Normal, IL is now a host site for a complete set of IHPELP equipment.

6/1/2017: Manometers re-calibrated

All kit Blower Door and Duct Blaster manometers have been re-calibrated by The Energy Conservatory to provide accurate testing results.

5/1/2017: Combustion Safety kits upgraded for BPI standards compliance

Combustion Safety kits now include a new BPI compliant gas leak detector and personal CO monitor. The Sensit P-100 and HXG-2D combo kit will allow Technicians to safely comply with the BPI 1200 standard. These two high quality instruments will alert an auditor when carbon monoxide and combustible gases are present. Both units will display the concentration of each gas in PPM (parts per million) and give audible (P-100 and HXG-2D), vibratory and visible alarms (P-100) when dangerous levels are detected. The Sensit HXG will display the combustible gas concentration in PPM and will switch to % of LEL when this concentration reaches over 999 PPM.

4/16/2014 : Kankakee Community College Offers Kits

Kankakee Community College is our latest participating college and has kits available to borrowers.

7/1/2013 : Duct Blaster available

Energy Conservatory Duct BlasterĀ® kits are now available at all IHPELP participating colleges.

6/1/2013 : Duct Blaster kits will soon be available

IHPELP announces Energy Conservatory Duct Blaster kits will soon be available at participating colleges. The Duct Blaster is a tool to test and document the tightness of a duct system.

4/1/2013 : South Suburban and Rock Valley College

South Suburban and Rock Valley Colleges are participating in the IHP Equipment Loan Program. Each college has their equipment available for qualified borrowers in their area.

4/1/2013 : Borrower Base Expanded to Include Diagnostic Energy Tester Certificate Holders

On January 1, 2013, the State of Illinois implemented the 2012 Illinois Energy Conservation Code (based on the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code with Illinois amendments) through the Illinois Energy Efficiency Building Act. As part of the new energy code, blower door testing is required to demonstrate a building infiltration rate of no more than 5 ACH50. Duct tightness testing is required where the air-handler or any portion of the ducts are located outside of the building thermal envelope or pressure boundary. Diagnostic Energy Tester (DET) certification classes train individuals in the use of blower door and duct pressure testing equipment used to test compliance with the 2012 IECC. There is an anticipation that the need for certified Diagnostic Energy Tester will continue to grow in the state of IL as more building jurisdictions adopt the new energy efficient code. Accordingly, the IHPELP will now accept borrowers who have successfully completed an approved DET course and received certification as a Diagnostic Energy Tester.

3/4/2013 : Duct and Envelope Tightness Verifier Certification

Individuals with Duct and Envelope Tightness Verifier Certification will soon be able to participate in the IHPELP.

3/4/2013 : South Suburban and Rock Valley Colleges

Both South Suburban and Rock Valley Colleges will be participating in the IHP Equipment Loan Program. Each will have a full set of equipment available for borrowers in the area they serve. Announcement will be coming soon.