The Illinois Equipment Loan Program makes available four primary kits. Each kit also has a selection of optional equipment.

Combustion Safety Kit - (CSK)

Portable Digital Combustion Analyzer

The portable digital combustion analyzer is a commercial grade, handheld combustion and emissions analyzer for sampling of industrial and institutional furnaces, boilers and appliances to determine the combustion efficiency and perform emissions testing in combustion applications. Includes measures of oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature, stack temperature and excess air.

Portable Electronic Combustible Gas Leak Detector and Personal CO Monitor

This Sensit P-100 and HXG-2D combo kit will allow Technicians to safely comply with the BPI 1200 standard. These two high quality instruments will alert an auditor when carbon monoxide and combustible gases are present. Both units will display the concentration of each gas in PPM (parts per million) and give audible (P-100 and HXG-2D), vibratory and visible alarms (P-100) when dangerous levels are detected. The Sensit HXG will display the combustible gas concentration in PPM and will switch to % of LEL when this concentration reaches over 999 PPM.

Infrared Camera Kit - (ICK)

IR Camera

Better known as an infrared camera, the point and shoot IR camera capture images of infrared energy or temperature. Using thermal imaging or thermography, the IR camera detects heat patterns and temperature changes in objects. These changes allow the user to discover current and potential future problem with equipment.

Blower Door Kit - (BDK)

Minneapolis Blower Door

The Minneapolis Blower Door is the main tool used in a blower door test which measures the airtightness level of building envelopes, diagnoses and demonstrates air leakage problems, estimates natural infiltration rates, estimates efficiency losses from building air leakage, and certifies construction integrity.

Exhaust Fan Flow Meter

The Exhaust Fan Flow Meter is designed to make quick and accurate measurements of air flow through exhaust fans. During the measurement procedure, the metering box is placed directly over the grille of an operating exhaust fan and the airflow reading is displayed.

2 Pressure Pans (12"x14"& 22"x22")

The pressure pan is a quick duct leakage diagnostic tool which is used with the blower door and digital pressure gauge to identify exterior air leakage in duct systems. The pressure pan is placed over each grille, one at a time, with the air handler fan off and the blower door depressurizing (or pressurizing) the house to a standard reference pressure. The pressure pan readings allow for quick identification of major leakage sitesincluding duct sealing.

Hose Kits (5'-20'-50'-100')

A necessary and easily distinguishable tool used for pressure diagnostics and blower door tests.

Duct Blaster® Kit - (DBK)

Duct Blaster® Fan with Fan Speed Controller

The Minneapolis Duct Blaster® is a calibrated air flow measurement system designed to test and document the airtightness of forced air duct systems in both houses and light commercial buildings. The Duct Blaster® fan is connected directly to the duct system in a house, typically at a central return, or at the air handler cabinet.

DG-700 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge

The DG-700 gauge contains 2 precision pressure sensors which provide simultaneous display of both duct pressure and Duct Blaster® fan flow readings, for the most accurate test results.